“to him.”

Lately I’ve been posting a lot of words of encouragement for men on my social media. People are used to me posting content geared towards young girls and women; but I’ve felt this overwhelmingly great compassion for young and older men as I am being exposed to the heart-wrenching pain and fear many of them are living in. We tend to think that women and girls struggle the most with insecurities, broken hearts and the like, but I’m discovering that guys are just as traumatized as we are. They are experiencing many of the same weaknesses, doubts and remorse as us. It’s actually pretty mind-blowing. I’ve been discovering that women and men are so much more alike than we realize. I feel as if God has opened my eyes and my heart to see what is behind the curtain, and I can’t help but to see the complexities of a human being and why they think and act the way they do. To see what has brought them to a certain belief system. In order for men to express their emotions and be vulnerable, they have to feel safe. They DO like to communicate and can be fantastic listeners when given the chance to.

When I wrote this spoken word, it was inspired by thought-provoking conversations with my dear friend Jeremy Watkins (www.jeremyawatkins.com), what God has already been showing me about guys, and social media message-versations I’ve been having with male acquaintances who often ask me for advice and prayer.

Men are just as much of a prize as women are. I'm sure I'll be sharing more about all of this in future posts, videos and at my live events ;)

“to him.”

By Sade Champagne

You are so much more than your bank account.

You are so much more than your possessions and what you can produce.

You are so much more than the number of women you’ve slept with.

You are so much more than your height and your size.

More than your accomplishments and how smart you are.

More than your failures or mistakes.

More than how you look.

I know that you’ve been taught to fix everything and carry the world on your shoulders,

But you were never created to carry so much weight or be under so much pressure.

Who will save you?

Where do you turn when you need help?

There is a large part of you that is hardly ever nurtured,

Beyond the external and material.

Your mind, your heart, your spirit.

God will look after your life.

You are cherished by God.

You too were created from love and for love.

It is not bad to work, to dream, to build, to be ambitious or to desire.

But I pray that your desires and your working will flow from your being.

That you will never live from an impoverished belief system or as an orphan without a place to call home.

Where you think that all you have to offer is the physical and nothing else.

There is an emotional intelligence, a nurturing soul, an encouraging and overcoming heart within you.

You are a son.

God wants to love you in such a way that your inner eyesight is illuminated,

and you will never feel poor or unloved or unwanted ever again!

In such a way where this world will no longer influence you,

but you will gracefully and effortlessly influence it.

Where you will no longer entertain or settle for superficial and toxic relationships,

but you lead from grace and foster healthy firm foundations

Where you will love from the deepest and most intimate parts of your sacred being

Because you feel eternally cherished and cared for.