Happily Single: There is nothing wrong with you!

“There are people who have the things you want, and they are still not satisfied!” Dr. Thema

I turned 32 this past June, and overall I am in the best state I’ve ever been in my life. I could have only dreamed of living in the peace, hope, confidence, joy and soul wellness that I do today. God is truly healing me beyond my wildest imagination. The fact that I can even write this blog today for the world to see is a miracle LOL!

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To the little boy in you.

•A man’s body is just as valuable as a woman’s body.

•A man is just as much of a prize as a woman is.

I knew that when I posted these statuses on social media recently they might cause a stir. I chose to post them anyway because number 1: I am no longer allowing other people’s opinions to filter my authenticity, and number 2: men are hurting just as much as women are and they need healing too. Healthier men and boys lead to a healthier society.

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